Our Added Value

Enhance your Security Offerings

Learn how to build a successful security practice in your organization. Outsource expertise including design, programming, implementation, training and our white labeled support and monitoring solutions.

Build your CYBER UEBA Practice

  Learn about how to build a successful Jazz practice with us, including getting details on all the latest Jazz products, to finding resources that relate directly to how to use Jazz in your business. 

Just Security

Experience our team’s unparalleled dedication and expertise in the cyber and physical security industry. 

Measurable Value

 Backed by a support team dedicated and focused on optimizing your client’s business, JDP is a valuable extension to your existing security practice

Smart Security Solutions

For today’s evolving cyber  and physical security threat landscape, companies needs capabilities that only Jazz Networks and VAION can provide.   

Our Solutions

Professional Services


Enhance your security offerings with white labeled professional services. These include:

  •  Pre-sales engineering, account support and a dedicated contract management team help you build a comprehensive solution.
  • Dedicated project management and installation teams deliver expert solution designs, complete cyber assessments. 
  • On-site engineers support your implementation, from provisioning Jazz and Vaion based solutions to training users and transferring knowledge. 
  • Post-sales support provides 24/7 assistance and proactive administration tools, including remote diagnostics and an online knowledge base. 

JDP's Value Added Services


Consider the advantages using our white labeled services in your organization.

  • JDP delivers both free and fixed cost services to meet your customer’s goals and gives you a competitive edge
  • We make your organization easier to do business with, using a methodology and packaged offerings you can sell easily
  • We fill gaps in your service offerings, extending your team as needed without any additional investment
  • We allow you to drive larger deals by providing additional value add to your customers 


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